Spell check?

So, I hear you call (for I can, I’m everywhere!) why not just use spell check?

Personally I’m not a fan. But you knew I was going to say that right? Otherwise, how would I get any work. Allow me to demonstrate…

Below is an example of a piece of copy that will slip through the net of spell checking software. Why? Because it makes sense upon first reading and each word is spelled correctly. So what’s the problem? Most of the words in this piece are used in entirely the wrong context.

It is an extreme example, but provides an amusing example of how spell checking software can let us down:

It was grate two meat ewe at lass tweaks net working meting. I half bean using may computer a lot this weak and have stumbled a cross a inviolable tool – spill cheque

The spell chequer on my computer dose an excellent job four me – I never half to worry bout tipping anything wrong be course it will all ways point out may miss takes

That also means I donut knead to prove reed my work witches always an enormous stain on my re sauces…

See? Told you! So, don’t let your words let you down. Let me give them the treatment they deserve and they’ll work for you instead of against you.

Get in touch – it’d be lovely to hear from you!

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