Proofreading matters. Full Stop. And about this I am immovable. So there.

I have many years of experience of reading presentations, reports, web site copy, articles and many other types of documents to ensure the spelling, grammar and general format of documents is as accurate as possible. Allow me to unleash my beloved red pen on a draft of your most important documents before committing to publication or printing.

It pays to be a pedant – believe me, I know, I am one!

No matter what your end goal, sending out words that have not been checked properly for spelling mistakes, typographical errors or incorrect words can reflect badly on you, your business or your group.

Spell checking software on computers is great for making sure most words are spelled correctly, but it can’t guarantee that you are using the correct ‘there’ or ‘their’, ‘here’ or ‘hear’. Just to prove a point, have a look at what spell checking software can miss – click here.

Words may be spelled correctly but in the wrong context – you could miss a letter out and inflict an entirely different meaning on a sentence.

These are just small things but if you haven’t got time to check your words for accuracy you may let simple mistakes slip through the net.

OK, lecture over. And breathe…

Let’s discuss this some more. Contact me.