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Website copy writing – why is it so important?

Website copy writing. Sounds boring, right? Why does it even matter? Surely any old words will do, if the site LOOKS good?

I’m here to convince you otherwise. And here’s why…

Picture the scene: You’ve decided to take the plunge and get a website designed. Exciting stuff.

You’ve found yourself a reputable and knowledgeable web designer. You’ve sat down with your designer to discuss how your amazing website will look. You’ve even written down a few keywords for your industry. You might already have your brand colours sorted, which helps the designer a lot.

Between the two of you, you decide on the look and feel of your future website, you agree terms and payment, and off you go. On your merry way. Trusting this professional to come up with some magic bullet that will have your dream customers beating a path to your door, wedges of cash in hand, begging you to take it from them. Stick the kettle on. Your work is done!


Not so, I’m afraid. Soon, you’ll receive a phone call, or an email, maybe even a text message. “Have you managed to write the words for your website yet? Only I’ll be needing the content so I can get your website under way. Yours, Mr/Ms Awesome Web Designer…”

I know. Your heart sinks. You haven’t even considered what you’ll say *in actual words* on your shiny new website.

And so, you grind to a halt. Like so many before you, you’ve fallen at the copy writing hurdle. You’re not alone. Speak to most web designers and they’ll tell you. It’s like banging one’s head against the proverbial brick wall, trying to get website copy from clients.

Website copy writing – why you need to do it…

No matter how shiny, whizz-bang, eye-catching and sparkly your new website is, it can’t deliver on its promises without content. Words. Copy.

The words you use on your website set the tone of your business. They deliver messages to your potential clients or customers. They tell a story. They encourage. They sell. They persuade. They can even entertain.

Everything else involved in your website (design, images, videos) rests on the bedrock of good web copy. Without providing your visitors with something to read (something informative and useful), they’ll bounce straight back off your site, without stopping to admire the gorgeous sliders and the shimmering new footer sections…Website copy writing

Good web copy starts with research…

Grab a pad and pen, and do some research.

  • Define your ideal client or customer – your website copy should then be entirely geared around attracting, persuading and ultimately engaging them.
  • Research your industry’s best keywords. What is your ideal client/customer typing in to Google (*other search engines are available) when they’re trying to find you?
  • Weed out your ideal client’s problem. Why do they need your help?
  • Decide how you can help them solve that problem.

Now you have the basis of some great copy for your website. Now, the fun can really begin. Time to put pen to paper and sell your business.

I totally understand that not everyone enjoys writing like I do, so if the prospect of writing your own copy for your website is just a bridge too far, why not give me a call to talk about how a fresh perspective and more than 15 years of writing experience could help take a weight off your shoulders?

Yours, in words

Go on, drop me a line…

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