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What’s in it for me?

When it comes to your customers reading what you’ve written, time is of the essence.

Your readers are busy people. They don’t have time to wade through paragraph after paragraph to find what they need.

They need answers. Fast.

The one question on their mind? “What’s in it for me?”

Benefits not features

Selling your product or service through the words you write on your blog, your adverts, your website, your brochure, is a tricky old business. Use too many words and your potential customer will run for the hills, seeking brevity of information, and taking their attention elsewhere. Use too few and they’re left scratching their heads and finding no answers.

Neither one of these scenarios sees your potential customers beating a path to your door.

So how do you make your copy as compelling as possible? How do you entice visitors to your website to buy your product? How do you catch a potential customer’s eye with your company brochure? How do you stop someone in their tracks and make them take notice of your advert?

You need to spoon feed them the benefits that your company, service or product offers – tell them what’s in it for them.Spoon on graphic style surface

Shout about the benefits to your potential customers, not just the features.

Sure, the fact that you’re a 24-hour, qualified plumber is important. It’s great that your dress shop offers a fast turnaround on alterations. It’s fantastic that your new iron features a heavier flat face and produces 50 per cent more steam than its closest competitor. Well done you!

But why do those things matter to your customers?

Sure, those things are great features. What about the benefits those features bring? What’s in it for them?

How to focus on the benefits

Think about telling a mini story. Try to enter the mindset of your customer and think about what might be important to them. How is your product or service going to make their life easier? What benefits will it deliver to them? Take some time to imagine yourself in their shoes…Tell a story with your copywriting

For example:

Your plumbing customers can rest assured that their house will be warm again within a few hours and they can enjoy a safe and cosy home throughout the cold winter months.

The customers at your dress shop will be delighted with the personal service you offer. They can relax, knowing that the dream dress they just bought for their special occasion will fit like a glove in plenty of time for the party, leaving them to relax and put the finishing touches to their celebrations.

Meanwhile the busy executive can look forward to an extra five minutes in bed every morning, safe in the knowledge that ironing their work- clothes will be quicker and easier than ever before…

Do you see the difference?

Storytelling is an important part of any kind of copywriting. Learn how to show instead of tell. Add the details that make your copy come to life as a story.

Shout about the benefits ahead of the features – it’s what your customer is looking for. All part of storytelling, explaining how a product or service can make their life easier is one of the most attractive things a customer can find when reading about a service or a product.

What issues do you face when writing the copy for your business?

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