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Allow me…

So you’re having trouble with your words? You’re staring at a brick wall where your web content should be? You’ve stalled in your quest for a beautiful, informative brochure?

Words fail you.

Don’t be ashamed. It happens to the best of us. We aren’t all writers. Sure, most of us can write, most of us can string a sentence together. But crafting some engaging, informative copy to represent our businesses can have many people firmly shaking hands with a bad case of writer’s block.

And so that empty website, the wordless brochure, the half-finished article, the dusty blog post you’ve been poring over for hours, days, weeks seems sent to torture you. Seems destined to drain your precious time and leave you frustrated.

Allow me...

You set up your business for your own reasons – I’d love to hear them one day. I’m sure you love your job. You must be good at it. You want to spend your time doing your job. Making your products. Delivering your services. That’s where you belong.

You don’t have time to write about your business as well as run it, maintain it, grow it, love it.

Allow me.

My passion is words. I love using them, playing with them, seeing where they can take me.

I will work with you, to help you create a great first impression online, in print, wherever you need words to represent you.

I will learn about your business, about how you interact with your audience, about your business personality, about your key messages, about what makes you different, about your likes and dislike.

And then I’ll use everything I’ve learned about you and your business to make your words speak volumes about you.

Allow me.

To take that headache off the table, reduce your to-do list and gift you the time to spend doing what you really love.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your copywriting needs and allow me to ease your writing headaches – I’d love to learn all about you and your business. Speak soon.

In The Detail provides copywriting, editing and proof reading services throughout the North East of England and beyond.

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