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Like the cobbler’s children…

typewriter-585000_1920-save-meJust like the poor, deprived bare-footed children of the proverbial cobbler, my own dear website has been abandoned. Cast aside to languish in the realms of long-forgotten wordsmithery.

A thick layer of dust has settled and now, in the light of a new business day, it lies defeated and lifeless, buried deep under hundreds and hundreds of other, more shiny, regularly populated links on Google and its ilk.

And so this is me, pledging to myself and in (relative) public, that I shall make more of an effort to focus some of my time on updating my own website, and taking more care of my poor, bereft blog.

You see, I’m back behind the wheel of In the detail after a few years off to nurture my small tribe. But now is the time to dust off the keyboard, whip open the notepad and tackle the world of writing again head on. Please, wish me luck!

In the detail is back and raring to go. So please keep checking back to find out how the website overhaul is going and find out what exciting adventures I’m heading up next!

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