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Divide and conquer

One of the things I love about my job is the fact that I get to research, write and play with words on loads of different subjects and carry out projects of all shapes and sizes.

An example of a smaller scale project that I’ve worked is for one of my first clients, Nixon Hire. Based locally in Newcastle, Nixon Hire provides plant and construction equipment to construction companies, event management companies and anyone else who requires skips, toilets, site accommodation and really big boys’ toys.

Adding a little colour

They were putting together a huge catalogue of all their wares and wanted a little snippet of copy to go at the top of each category. They asked me to oblige and I jumped at the chance. You see, my job isn’t all about writing paragraph after paragraph, in depth descriptions and lengthy articles. I also love to come up with snappy little jazzy things that catch attention, sum things up and add a little colour to an otherwise fairly dull subject.

Anyway, enough of my waffle. Onto what I actually wanted to show you. Below is a link to my client’s website. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to see the divider copy I wrote for each category by clicking on the category titles down the left hand side (air tools, bowsers etc) and casting your eye back up to the sky-coloured box in which the category title appears. The copy underneath – that’s my handiwork.

Nixon Hire’s website – go on, give it a click I dare you.

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