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To blog or not to blog?

Now that, right there, is the question… just ask Shakespeare, that’s what he said. Well, perhaps I’m paraphrasing a little but you know what I mean.

So, yesterday was mainly spent thinking about, researching and writing for a blog. Not mine, this one comes fairly naturally. This was for another blog. One that I’ve never seen before and I may have the chance of writing for. Exciting times.

It got me wondering, if you’re here reading this blog, does that necessarily mean that you have a blog of your own? As this blog is attached to my business website perhaps it doesn’t follow that you’re a blogger yourself? Perhaps you’re out looking for help with your blogging? Am I right?

So have you ever thought about setting up and writing your own blog? Or do you already have one that is lacking slightly in any focus, direction, words? Are you struggling to find the time to post regularly or are you simply unable to muster the inspiration for subjects?

Blogging is fun. I’d like to think that my regular musings on this and my creative writing blog are read by millions of enthralled readers, following my every sentence and hanging on my every post. In reality the most I hope for is that I keep a few people entertained, inform a few other people about my writing abilities and keep one or two other people out of mischief for a moment or two (you know who you are).

But for many businesses, individuals and groups, blogging can be a fantastic way of communicating with potential and existing customers, dispersing hints and tips relating to their industry, spreading news and sharing their knowledge. A good blog can bring in and retain customers, reinforce the expertise of the writer and provide guidance and knowledge to a wider audience.

So I ask again – do you have a longing to create a blog on your website, start a new blog from scratch or inject a little life into a blog that’s slightly flagging?

Why not consider getting someone else to write that blog for you? It could have many advantages:

  • A fresh perspective on your industry sector
  • Clear, concise copy that’s written in layman’s terms
  • Removal of the workload from your ‘to do’ list
  • An excellent, regularly updated blog to help your business or group

Oh, and did I mention that I write for blogs?

Go on, give it some thought…

2 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog?”

    1. Hi and thank you so much for the comment, at least I know someone’s reading my blog! 😉

      I’m afraid I didn’t get any replies to that tweet – are you interested in starting up a blog? I do have recent experience of the whole pregnancy, birth and baby area! 😉


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