A dedication…

Chocolate, sleep, wine, time spent with my family…

That’s a list (although not quite exhaustive) of the few things I enjoy more than words.

But when it comes to my work there’s not much I enjoy more than receiving a document that someone else has written and readying my figurative teeth to delve in and edit the baubles out of it. And it was with great glee that I was able to do this yesterday. A family member emailed me with a document he’d written and asked me to “work my magic” on it (too kind!).

I love something to get my teeth into

Now this family member is a self-confessed non-writer. But there’s one thing I will say, he non-writes from the heart. In its raw, unedited state this piece of work made me stand back. It was the kind of thing that needed careful, diplomatic, tactful editing; it was a tribute to one who sadly passed away recently. I relished the opportunity to take these heartfelt words and sentiments and make them flow, make them reflect the feelings of the writer and help them do justice to the memory of the lady to whom they were dedicated.

Obviously I’m not going to publish those words here. Needless to say, they have their audience and it is not, with all due respect, you dear reader. But I do feel a huge sense of pride to have been given the opportunity to peruse those words and, in my own small way, lend a hand to those who will read them.

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