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A matter of style…

We’ve all heard of style. It’s about how we look isn’t it? How we dress? We all have our own style; some of us follow fashion, some of us prefer to choose a style that’s more of a unique take on our personalities.

A style of your own...

But what about the style of our business? How do we deal with that? After all, we can’t dress our business up in jeggings or have it don a baker boy hat – can we? Perhaps not, but how a company says something, as well as what it says, forms part of that company’s ‘style’.

Some businesses adopt a highly professional,no nonsense style, while others prefer a much more friendly, approachable style. Consider, for example, the website of Price Waterhouse Cooper as well as Innocent Drinks, makers of Innocent Smoothies. A quick glance at these two sites allows you to tell the two styles apart, but delving a little deeper into the copy contained therein, it’s easy to see that the ‘style’ of the copywriting matches the brand and reputation of each company perfectly. The words these companies use to promote themselves everywhere they appear, and the way the words are conveyed are crucial in maintaining a consistent style.

As a copywriter, it is crucial to understand the style of a company, group or individual before even beginning to write the words that will represent them. In order to achieve this I spend a good amount of time simply exploring the business, finding out about products or services, unearthing the ethos behind the company and getting to know the people or person behind it all. A fun, playful sort of company should never be burdened with formal, stuffy or aloof copy, while a serious, highly professional business shouldn’t make light of its services or products by employing a flippant, informal tone. The balance has to be right or a reputation can be damaged.

Unearthing the ‘house style’ of a company is one of my favourite parts of my job.

So, what’s your company’s style? Do the words that you use to represent your company reflect that style? Or would you like to refresh your style?

You know where to find me…

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