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Turning my hand…

…to slightly different projects – this seems to have been the flavour of the past few days.

I might have mentioned, I love anything to do with words. And now I shall digress slightly.

It was during my early career, before I really knew what I wanted to do with my life, which direction to choose, that I was employed by a regional college in Cambridge. Now don’t get me wrong, Cambridge Regional College was a fine, upstanding institution of which I was proud to be an employee. But when it came to job satisfaction I had almost none. It was, at best, a stop gap while I worked out what I actually wanted to do. Just about every second of my time was spent typing up people’s lesson plans, handouts and communications with students. But it did give me one thing. A mind-numbing, head-banging, eye-squelching boredom that propelled me with enthusiasm to teach myself to touch type. And so I did.

This is a skill which has stood me in extremely good stead in the years that have followed. And thus the digression ends.

A lovely chap called me the other day; he’d found my details in Yellow Pages. The old fashioned, paper version. I know! He wanted to know whether I provided a typing service. “Well why the heck not?” I asked myself (in my head, for fear the poor fellow would think I had a screw loose). And so it came to be that I helped him out by typing a letter to an acquaintance in another country on a legal matter. Simple work but I enjoyed it. It took me back.

And so, why not? If you’re the kind of person who really doesn’t like using computers and the like, why not make use of my fast fingers, it’s an extra little skill I have.

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