Copy writing, Incorrect grammar

Bad copy… Who cares?

Quite frankly, you should care; quite a lot of your potential customers probably care.

Allowing badly written copy to represent you or your company is like employing a sales person or representative who mumbles, coughs and rambles his or her way through any meetings with customers or potential customers.

And that wouldn’t make a good impression would it? Any words you have on your website, your company literature or your sales letters for example, act as an ambassador for said company and can easily colour the opinion of anyone reading them, whether in a positive or negative way.

It’s quite simple. What your words say about you and the way in which they say it form part of your company’s brand and thereby, your company’s reputation.

Incorrect spelling, use of words, clumsy sentences and too much rambling copy can all cause problems for you that you might not have considered. You’re trying to explain what your company does, but all the potential customer sees is confusion.

That’s why it is important, nay, crucial to get the words that represent you and your company right. You might spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on a new website with all the bells and whistles available, or glossy, impressive looking brochures that will knock the socks off anyone who picks them up. So why essentially waste that investment by cobbling together the actual contents of those marketing tools at the last minute and not really paying any attention to the details?

Get your words right and they’ll do most of the hard work for you. Get them wrong and the hard work starts here…

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