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Why I do what I do…

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one.

I first found out that I love to write back in 2001. I got my first proper job with a PR consultancy and started writing press releases and short articles. I didn’t know at that point that writing was something I was any good at. But apparently, according to my boss, it was.


And so I’ve pursued it as a pastime ever since. Obviously I wrote as a key part of my career choice, but it wasn’t until 2006 when I was given the opportunity to start up my own business that I really looked at writing and editing as a plausible road ahead.

“Darn it,” I thought, (for I am extremely polite like that) “there are plenty of people out there who can’t or don’t want to write, perhaps I could help them?”

So here I am. I’m passionate about words and how they are strung together to make various kinds of communications. It annoys me when people use words incorrectly, or when words are spelled incorrectly. To me, getting words right is crucial in business and in life in general. Sloppy spelling or grammar points towards sloppy everything else in my mind. I believe businesses, individuals and groups can do themselves no end of harm simply by being careless with their words and how they use them.

So, I’m on a one-woman mission, with my trusty red pen, to rid the world of superfluous apostrophes, misspelled words and boring, uninspiring copy – wish me luck!

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