Copy writing, Editing, Proof reading

Making a start…

Good day fine people, and welcome to my new website.

Please don’t misunderstand me, In the detail is not a brand new company by any means. It, along with me at the figurative steering wheel, has been around since 2006. But you have stumbled upon my shiny new site. The previous one had earned its retirement, it was getting old. I built it myself. I wasn’t all that proud.

But I’m not a website designer, I am a writer, editor and proof reader. Websites, at least the design of them, are not my forté.

Words are my strong point and I love to mess around with them. I love throwing them around and seeing what turns up. It’s what I do and, I’ve been told, I’m quite good at it.

Anyway, you’ve caught me on a good day. The day I decided my company website needed an overhaul. So here I am, several hours after I started and slightly bleary eyed, staring down the barrel of a new site, including a blog… Get me!

So, join the good ship In the detail and prepare to set sail. I welcome you aboard!

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